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My child would like to play the flute, what do I do?

Please give me a call on 07711 080275. It's never been easier for even small children to start on the flute. With the advent of the curved headjoint children as young as 7 can start playing the flute, as long as they teeth!

Is it true that individual music lessons are expensive?

They don't have to be and the BWA prides itself on being flexible. So why not try either a shorter lesson time or a shared lesson at the start.

Do I have to pay for all my lessons in one go?

No, not at all. We can work out suitable payment terms and method to suit you.

Are you CRB checked?

Yes – regularly.

Where do lessons take place?

In my music room in Barton le Clay with a beautiful and inspiring view looking over the Sharpenhoe Clappers.

How do I support my child in playing music if I don't play myself?

A LOT of parents worry about this! Don't - the best support you can give them is to praise them lots when you hear them make a great sound or play lovely tunes and encourage them to practice regularly. Just sitting with them when they practice is a great thing to do, even if you can't read a note - you probably soonwill.

Do you teach adult amateurs?

Yes, absolutely! Whether you've always wanted to learn an instrument but circumstances were never right, or you played as a child, gave it up and wished you hadn't. Whatever the reason - there's no need to be anxious about starting or resuming, we often find and nervousness is quickly overcome and the only wish is that they'd started or come back to it ages ago!

How much practice do you expect each week?

A tricky one! For a small child, little and often is best, maybe 10 mins a day, building up to 20 or 30 mins after some time as a guide. As one pregresses more is good and needed, certainly for higher grades one should be aiming for 45 mins to an hour. Crash practice isn't really effective although many do it! For adults and those learning just for fun whatever is practical is great but practice can really help you progress, feel confident and really make the most of your lessons.

Do I have to take grades/exams

No, not at all and certainly not every grade one after another without room for technical development and musical growth. This is totally flexible. Exams are a good benchmark to be done when approriate and IF you want to. We feel it is far more important to enjoy playing an instrument than worrying about exams, but many do take exams and find them useful.

How do I choose an instrument?

Come and try. People have a whole variety of reasons for why they choose a particular instrument. I think it should be because you love the sound, but many choose one because it looks nice and shiny, someone they know plays it. You will get a feel for what will work or suit. Instrument and personality can play a part as can physical requirements but the only way to know is to try. many music shops do great value trial periods on instruments so you can often try quite cheaply, without spending a huge amount up front. We are always happy to advise you!

Will I/my child get the chance to perform in public?

Yes, absolutely. We aim to organise and attend events throughout the year to let people show off their musical skills, whether just to friends and family or to the public at large. It can be a huge thrill to perform and can act as a great incentive for some people.