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Liz is very happy to come into YOUR home and share all her wealth of knowledge and experience as a Teacher, Performer and as a Parent too.

If you are thinking that your child would really like to play an instrument but you actually have no idea what, then give Liz a call and she will come to YOU with a range of instruments for your child, and you could even invite their friends to come along too, (could be a really fun party) and then Liz will spend time with them allowing them to listen to the range of sounds, experimenting with how they work and what they feel like both to hold and play, as well as offering advice on what suits them best and giving top tips on how to get started and that all important thing – how much PRACTICE they need to do!

There is always a huge amount to consider in choosing an instrument. It could be a 'life defining moment' for them. The whole process can be talked through in the comfort and relaxed atmosphere of your own home. There is much literature written about choosing the correct instrument for your child and Liz has all this knowledge at her fingertips.

Call Liz on 07711 080275 to book your home visit. You can be assured of a friendly, professional and sincere approach.

This is a completely FREE service if lessons taken up with either 3 Counties Music or Bedfordshire Woodwind Academy. It has to be a winner!

We look forward to hearing from you.