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Below are some pictures and videos of the Bedfordshire Woodwind Academy in action.

Fun Flute Workshop - 31st August 2013

Fun Flute Day August 2013

Meet the Orchestra - Woodwind Session - 28th May 2013


Ian Clarke Day - 25th May 2013

Ian Clarke Day

Three Counties Radio Interview - Liz Childs & Melanie Spanswick - 10th April 2013

Liz Childs, Nick Coffer and Melanie Spanswick

Liz and her fellow music teacher and adjudicator Melanie Spanswick were interviewed recently on the Nick Coffer radio show on Three Counties Radio. They talked about adjudicating and the challenges and rewards of teaching music to children.
Click on the Play buttons below to listen to the interview.

Part 1:

Part 2:

Flute Ensemble Open Day - October 27th 2012


Recording Session for Hitchin Lights Charity CD - October 18th 2012

Pictures by Stuart Gwinnett


Video by Greg Childs